About Us


Crypto Planet is one of the world’s fastest growing Digital Currency E-Commerce Online Retailer. Our objective is to connect crypto-currency holders with products and services in a new and unexpected way.  We are truly passionate about doing our part in developing the world of Cryto Currencies and Blockchain Technology to make our magnitude of products more accessible than ever before.

Crypto Planet offers an easy-to-use, highly secure crypto currency shopping experience on web, mobile web interface, backed up by four safe payment options, quick delivery and a convenient 30-day free returns policy powered by BitPay and CoinPayments. 



We provide a magnitude of products of great value and fast shipping with exceptional customer service. We believe that Crypto Currency Holders should be able to spend and enjoy the innovations and rewards of Blockchain Technology. 

 Step 1: Obtain Your Crypto Currencies

 There are several ways to get cryptocurrencies, but the easiest is to exchange them for currency at your bank or a crypto  exchange. You can also buy cypto currencies from friends, accept them as payment for goods or services, or generate new crypto currencies through a process called "crypto currency Masternodes."

Step 2: Shop and Add All Your Goodies to Your Shopping Cart


Step 3: Check Out by Simply Scanning the QR Code with Your Crypto Wallet


 "Blockchain Technology is often associated with innovative technology without any real life use case. We are changing this narrative by allowing crypto holders to shop the best selected products from the worlds best suppliers at the best prices. Bringing Our share to this revolution of Blockchain technology"


-L van Wyk [Founder]

Join us at Crypto Planet today to make your Crypto Spending more accessible than ever before with quality products, fast shipping and great customer relations. 

 Easy. Fast & Shopping Satisfaction.  

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