Verge Currency Goes Online Shopping with Crypto Planet

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CryptoPlanet Collaboration: Affordable shopping with Verge

Written by Akshay | Twitter : @sourcedexter

Affordability, is one of the crucial elements to mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Products which are affordable to the masses will encourage early adoption and foster growth of virtual currencies. This is the reason why most successful e-commerce platforms run heavily discounted sales and promos.

Discounts, offer consumers the ability to afford new and more purchasing. Online discounts bring a range of products to consumers which promotes online sales, over the traditional retailer. E-commerce giants use this strategy to form habits among people. Once habits are formed, they become harder to break. Trends show that for convenience, most of us would over spend our budget in the name of convenience.

Increasing product affordability is a good thing for consumers, though it is not sustainable for the producing companies. Affordability is not created at the cost of the company’s loss; but calculated to bring in new users, balancing their profit/loss. Crypto Planet aims to do this by providing affordable products which they can sustain while bringing new opportunities to people around the globe.

Thus, anyone around the globe can now easily purchase affordable electronic gadgets, apparels, and accessories using Verge Currency.

Who is CryptoPlanet?

Crypto Planet is an online E-Commerce retailer built to address the need for an affordable shopping destination using cryptocurrencies. They focus on accessibility of all kinds of products in the apparel and electronic space and allow people to use the currency of their choice to purchase them.

Founded in early 2018, Crypto Planet has been able to successfully deliver thousands of products across the globe. They now have integrated Verge into their ecosystem becoming another awesome vendor to our ever-growing list.

Their aim is to drive the adoption of cryptocurrency forward, by allowing the purchase of goods through crypto.

Features that CryptoPlanet offers to shoppers

In alignment with Crypto Planet’s vision, shoppers will get to experience many features that increases trust towards cryptocurrency.

  • Ease of use — They have a streamlined interface for product search; product buying and tracking. The goal is to make shoppers feel comfortable and similar to the traditional e-commerce experience we are all used to.
  • Secure Payments — Besides the standard SSL security feature with encrypted data, they use tried and tested cryptocurrency payment gateways like CoinPayments and Bitpay to carry out the transaction. Once you pay with Verge, your job is done. All verifications will be handled by them.
  • Returns and Refunds — The untraceability and complicated backend of cryptocurrencies lead many to not trust in cryptocurrency as a form of payment, due to the circumstances of cashbacks situations (damaged goods, wrong order, etc.). However, Cryptoplanets policy of 30 free returns removes the hassle and makes it as convenient as traditional fiat-based e-commerce.
  • Free Shipping around the world — By providing free shipping worldwide, Crypto Planet is providing the global crypto community a uniform opportunity to purchase products with their cryptocurrency.

Verge Currency’s Vision

With the enthusiastic #vergefam, a supportive community effort has been created to lay the foundation for mass adoption of crypto. We strive to build together lasting partnerships that make cryptocurrencies more accessible and more affordable to everyone around the planet. It is definitely not an easy task, but we strive for the challenge. Hundreds of vendors and thousands of people look up to us and trust us to walk this path. We will make mass adoption a reality.

To this end, we work tirelessly to cause a paradigm shift in the current system. We want the world to see that transactional privacy is achievable today, and not just something for the future. To promote this, we are redesigning our wallets to have user friendly designs with features that will encourage the use of cryptocurrency.

Again, we are a community of volunteers, building the road to mass adoption. We are always looking for new partners, if you want to help us build the future of decentralized economy, you can always get in touch with us.

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